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1 a witty amusing person who makes jokes [syn: wit, card]
2 causing to move repeatedly from side to side [syn: waggle, shake] v : move from side to side; "The happy dog wagged his tail" [syn: waggle] [also: wagging, wagged]

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Middle English waggen, noun wagge, feminine root of Old English waian, (Middle English noun wae) to oscillate, shake. Compare the Old English verb waġian
The verb may be regarded as an iterative or emphatic form of waian waw, verb, which is often nearly synonymous; it was used, e.g., of a loose tooth. Parallel formations from the same root are the Old Norse vagga femimine, cradle (Swedish vagga, Dutch vugge), Swedish vagga to rock a cradle, early modern German waggen (modern High German dialect wacken) to waver, totter. Cf. waggle, verb



  1. To swing from side to side, especially of an animal's tail
  2. To not go to school, either for a class or classes or the entire school day;1 play the wag; hop the wag; wag it.2
  • "My misfortunes all began in wagging, Sir; but what could I do, exceptin' wag?" "Excepting what?" said Mr. Carker. "Wag, Sir. Wagging from school." "Do you mean pretending to go there, and not going?" said Mr. Carker. "Yes, Sir, that's wagging, Sir." -- Charles Dickens, Dombey and Son, (1848) xxii
  • They had "wagged it" from school, as they termed it, which..meant truancy in all its forms. -- William Sylvester Walker, In the Blood,(1901) i. 13
swing from side to side
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  1. A witty person.

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Dutch wacht



Etymology 2

Dutch wachten



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Wag is a highland district in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia, in the approximate location of the modern Wag Hemra Zone. The district seat is the town of Sokota, which has been a major market center for centuries.
Wag was given to the heirs of the deposed Zagwe dynasty, when the Solomonic dynasty was restored to the throne of Ethiopia in 1270. The head of the fallen Zagwe family accepted the district as well as the title of Wagshum as part of the settlement for their loss.
wag in Hebrew: וואג

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